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West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL), sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is a large-scale research-focused program designed to help develop effective adaptation and mitigation of climate change and increased variability. The objective of the programme is to strengthen the research capacity related to climate change in West Africa through promotion of collaboration amongstuniversities in the region, including UFHB as well as universities in Germany.

The Graduate Research Programme Climate Change and Biodiversity (CC&B) is one of the components of the program, which is implemented by the Training and Research Unit (UFR)at the Université de Cocody-Abidjan, Republic of Côte d’Ivoire with the cooperation of  WASCAL partner universities  and German universities.

Through the present call, the GRP Côte d’Ivoire is launching its 31/2-year doctoral training program on climate change and biodiversity for the academic year 2014-2015. The program provides a full scholarship to successful candidates fromWASCAL member countries(Bénin, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sénégal, and Togo). Potential candidates are invited to submit an application for selection.


Candidateentry requirements:

·         Have a Master’s Degree in Ecology, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Agriculture or other relevant disciplines, normally with an average of at least 60% in their master’s degree programme.

  • Be  from one of the WASCAL countries.
  • Have at least an intermediate-level in English language.
  • Have  at least Second Class Upper Division(Mention Assez Bien) in their first degree.
  • Candidates must submit a two-page letter of motivation on background and academic interests. They also must provide names and contacts of two (2) referees, one of whom has been his/her Master’s thesis supervisor.
  • Candidates must attach a pdf version of the master’s degree abstract to their application.
  • Candidates should not be more than 35 years old.
  • Female candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Candidates should not be doing their PhD in another program.


The Graduate Research Program is a structured Ph.D with English as the language of instruction. Therefore, the following are the language requirements:

  • Basic Certificate in English Language.
  • Functional Certificate in English Language.

A three-month intensive English language training course will be offered at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Ghana, for the selected francophone students before beginning the program.

French language courses will be also offered for anglophone students at UFHB, as part of the program.

The language course is geared towards giving participants a comprehensive and practical understanding of the French and English language, culture and traditions as well as to contribute to fostering international friendships particularly between the francophones and the anglophones.

At the end of this English language course, students will have to pass an Englishlanguage proficiency test e.g. TOEFL (600  or above).


The scholarship and research support will normally be provided following the criteria below:

  • Basically, students after admission will be required to maintain a graduate level Grade Point Average (GPA) of B or a minimum of B from the course.
  • During the course curriculum phase, students will be required to develop a detailed research programme, including budget, that will have to be accepted by his/her committee, consisting of at least four graduate faculty members, and endorsed by the Graduate Council.
  • During the project/research stage, students are expected to present their progress reports regularly and be evaluated accordingly.

All scholarship-holding PhD fellows will receive a stipend of € 350.00 per month to cover accommodation and other expenses during their study period.

Research funds will also be made available to students after approval of their research budget by their advisor/supervisor and by WASCAL.

The disbursement of scholarship funds will be connected to the successful delivery of research work deliverables to be agreed upon between the project coordinator, the supervisor and the PhD fellow at the onset of the research work.

The PhD fellow will travel only to Germany once during the PhD fellowship period to work with scientists at German universities or research centers. The trip will be 3 – 6 months in duration. Airfare will be paid by the project and a monthly stipend will also be provided for each month spent in Germany.


The PhD in the West African Climate Change and Biodiversity is a well-structured program consisting of six (6)  months of taught courses in the following:

General Concepts in Ecology and Ecosytems of world CCB41

General Concepts in Ecology and Ecosytems of world, Biodiversity Taxonomy and evolution of organisms, Climate systems and climate change, and Scientific skills.

Statistics and Modeling Tools CCB42

Sampling Strategies and Statistical Analyses, Biological modeling tools, GIS, Remote Sensing.

Biodiversity Management CCB43

Biodiversity measurement, Biomonitoring, Agrobiodiversity and Agroforestry systems, conservation and valorization of biodiversity (protected area agrosytem) Biotechnology and Sustainable management of ecosystems.

Climate Science and Biodiversity CCB44

Carbon emissions and sequestration, Biological response to climate change,Diversity of Algae and Virus, Diversity of Fungi and Plant-Animal Interactions.

Human Dimension in Biodiversity CCB46

Economics of Biodiversity and ecosystem services,  Social consideration of Biodiversity and Environmental law and International Conventions.

After taught courses, field work will be conducted for 24 months by each student for his/her PhD writting and defence of dissertation.


Participants graduating from this multidisciplinary and multinational programme will gain skills as scientific officers, managers of natural resources or academics. They are expected to find employment in conservation agencies and bodies, land and forestry agencies, research institutions, nature reserves, overseas aid programmes, international NGOs, environmental protection agencies, departments of agriculture, water resources or soil, and universities.


Candidates mayapply directly to the GRP CC&B by submitting all information requested via e-mail to Prof. Daouda KONE at +225 08 45 17 26 / +225 02 38 77 14) and

BROU Kouassi Thierry at (Cell + 225 09 36 01 89).

Dr MBO Kakou Alban Cell +225 07 31 63 07)

To complete the application form see WASCAL website at

Deadline: March 08, 2019


UFHB in collaboration with the GRP CC&B Advisory Board will short list candidates and later select one candidate from each country. There may be the need for a selection interview via telephone, Skype or Messenger. The date of the interview will be communicated after short listing. The selection interview is mandatory to support the final selection of candidates.

Successful candidates will then submit a hardcopy of the application package.

The list of successful candidates will be decidedby April 26th, 2019. Selected students will be asked to present originaldiplomas at the time of registration.


For details regarding the programme please refer to WASCAL website at

Formulaire d'inscription/Registration Form Application form Call for application - GRP CCBiodiversity 2019


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